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“I feel burning hatred for myself. How to get rid of it?”

I always had low self-esteem, but recently it has grown into some kind of self-consonance. All aspects of my own personality cause me disgust. I consider myself unworthy of something good, thoughts about failures constantly flash, it only turns in my head: “You are stupid, ugly, everyone hate you”. Although I understand that this is not so, these thoughts haunt. I’m in desperation, I just want not to leave the house and not see anyone with anyone. Every random gaze seems to be condemning and complete hatred, and if I hear that they laugh near or discuss someone, I immediately attribute it to myself. I recently prescribed a hormonal drug to me, and perhaps this is a side effect. What should I do? I want to live a normal, healthy life.

Our self -esteem is formed in childhood, depending on how parents relate to us. I do not know what the situation was in your parental family, but now it is important that self -esteem can and should be raised. You can work on it yourself, or you can – by enlisting the support of a specialist.

It seems to you that you are “hate” (even though you understand that this is not so). Any hatred is a strong feeling and requires emotional costs. Spending resources on an unfamiliar person is impractical, for the most part they hate only very close people, whom, as I understand it, you have a little. Everyone else, most likely, is not a special business. So a person is arranged.

Suppose you don’t like how you look, I don’t like your own reflection in the mirror. You went outside, and it seems to you that everyone is looking at you. But this is definitely wrong. Our gaze lingers on the other for a split second. Thought – for a few seconds. So, after a moment of others, again, there is no case against you.

Your fears live in your head and create a sense of discomfort, and the other person, meanwhile, went to live his life. Even the most grandiose scandal holds our attention maximum a day. So assume that “everyone” is thinking about you, a priori error.

It is necessary to engage in the formation of self -esteem, and for this – to begin to recognize your life achievements. In view of your age, perhaps so far are a few, but they are also valuable on their own. Born healthy and survive to a certain age is already a value that is not given to everyone. Graduate school, get recognition from friends and relatives. All this is important to “put” into yourself, as in a piggy bank, and rely on it, like a pedestal.

Yes, “making yourself” yourself is a painstaking and difficult job. But quite feasible and important. You will become a new you result.

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