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5 Benefits of Learning Code as a UI UX Designer

We’re your collection of design community, tips, tricks, and best practices. You’re prototyping and user testing a lot with the software you’re working on. Travon Bryant spent a decade in the pharmaceutical industry before making the decision to pivot into tech for better financial opportunities. In other words, Javascript makes web pages interactive and (usually) instantaneous.

If the designer could understand the technical challenges, s/he would be in a better position to suggest an alternative. This holds true for other aspects of the user’s journey as well. One of the challenges for UX designers (and even developers) is that the world of technology continues to evolve, with new languages and frameworks being developed at a fast pace. We may learn a language, only to find out that it has become obsolete within a few months.

AI in Design: Experts Discuss Practical Applications, Ethics, and What’s Coming Next

However it is a preferred skill by some employers – so it may be worth considering. User interface design and user experience design are dynamic fields that overlap greatly. At some companies, this role functions as one; with a singular person tasked with the entire process.

Keep in mind that JavaScript runs deep and is pretty much endless, so unless you’re ready to be a full-time developer, you only need the basics. You may think you can request a revision of any project that fails to meet your expectations but doesn’t this affect your team’s speed and efficiency? Continuous mistakes ui design course on the developer’s end due to miscommunication or misunderstanding translate to wasting time and money on a project. You can take steps right now to make the myth a reality and position yourself as irresistible to employers. While you’re reading this, tech employers are on the lookout for designers who can code.

programming languages UX designers should know

Just as UX and UI constantly overlap, design and development will become increasingly intertwined—and up-skilling will enable you to meet this market demand. As technology continues to evolve, it is also likely that low-code or drag-and-drop tools may be available. In such a scenario, designers can simply use these tools and not need to read or write any code. Similarly, an architect who creates the blueprint of an office space is aware of how her designs will be built. She needn’t mix concrete and lay the bricks, but would be expected to know if, say, the land demarcated for the project will be able to support a concrete building at all. Let’s say a fashion designer makes a sketch for a dress.

Should UX Designers learn to code

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